Sherri Nourse

Sherri Nourse

A Montecito Heights voice heard throughout the world!

No one was more surprised than Sherri Nourse when she learned that her song "Lazy Balloon" was seeing chart action. Sherri has been writing songs for the love of it for many years, and never expected such a response! Sherri (Sherri Stanlyn on this LIttle Dog Records release) appears on the highly critically acclaimed compilation album A Country West of Nashville. Sherri's song "Lazy Balloon" was one of the first to get airplay. Go Sherri!

Sherri and her husband Shawn (who toured with Dwight Yoakum) moved to Montecito Heights in 2003 and fell in love with it, just like all of us do. We all fell in love with Sherri right back. How can you not be crazy about a gal that cute?

Sherri and her dog Ralph 

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