Department of Toxic Substances Control


Edwin F. Lowry, Director

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Winston H. Hickox

Agency Secretary

California Environmental

     Protection Agency


October 18, 2002





Dear Community Member:


You are invited to complete and return a community survey, assessing public interest in the environmental site investigation and cleanup for the ITT Cannon Humboldt Street property located in Los Angeles, California. The site is located at 3209 Humboldt Street in the block bounded by West Avenue 33 to the north, Humboldt Street to the South, Pasadena Avenue to the east, and the Artesian Street to the west. Your responses will help shape upcoming public participation opportunities for the site. Please complete the attached community survey questionnaire by November 1, 2002.


The ITT Cannon Humboldt Street property is located in an industrialized‑zoned area of Lincoln Heights. The site was first developed in the 1920s to support a fabric cleaning and dying company. Since then, various other companies have owned the property and operated a variety of industrial businesses. One of the companies, ITT Cannon, purchased the property in 1963 and continued operations at this location for several years until transferring to the city of Santa Ana in mid‑1971. ITT Cannon installed one aboveground storage tank (AST) and four underground storage tanks (USTs) to store petroleum products, clarifiers and degreasers.


The approximately 3.75‑acre property was occupied by a series of interconnected one­and two‑story, slab‑on‑grade industrial/warehouse type buildings. The structures were demolished and removed in 1998. The concrete pad remains at the property and the property perimeter is fenced.


The soil and groundwater at the Site was tested for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and metals. Based on historical investigations, metals, degraded petroleum products, VOCs and PCBs were found in soil and groundwater. To further define the location of contamination, ITT Cannon signed a Voluntary Cleanup Agreement with the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Once DTSC receives the investigation results, a risk











Community Member

October 18, 2002

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assessment is performed to determine if clean up activities are needed. If the risk assessment determines cleanup activities are warranted, various cleanup options are evaluated and circulated to the public for review and comment. IDTSC would like to know the community's questions and concerns so they are taken into account throughout the investigation and the identification of proposed cleanup activities. Therefore, we are asking you to complete the enclosed survey to help us understand your views on this project and how we can best meet your information needs.


If you have questions regarding this project, please contact the Project Manager, Alberto Valmidiano, at 818‑551‑2870 or by e‑mail at or myself at 714‑484‑5488 or by e‑mail at One community survey questionnaire has been included with this letter. If you would like to complete a questionnaire for each adult in your household please make a photocopy or call me for additional questionnaires.




       Leticia Hernandez

       Public Participation Specialist

       Public Participation Unit


Enclosure: Community Survey Questionnaire