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7th Annual Arroyo Clean-up

The extremely successful "Gran Limpieza del Arroyo Seco", whose participants included members of the Montecito Heights Improvement Association, the Montecito Heights Neighborhood Watch and the Audobon Society, had a great impact on our beautiful parks and our little section of the Arroyo Seco River. Over forty bags of trash were removed, along with some sofas and even a kitchen sink! Here are some photos of our community members, together with the Clean and Green folks, hard at work.

MHIA thanks Peter DiSabatino profusely for his wonderful photography.

(Here's a little secret: If you have Netscape, right click on any image and select "view image" for a look at the enlarged photograph. This works on any photo on the web that has been shrunk to fit the page. See? It's fun to be a nerdie!)

Montecito Vice! (Two Vice-Presidents here)
Montecito Heights Improvement Association's very own Bill Murray (Association Vice-President) and Tom Berg (Tom sits on the MHIA board and has acted as Vice President of MHIA and chairs the Land Use Committee) show us some treasures of the Arroyo.
We've heard of "outdoor rooms", but this is ridiculous!
The latest craze in landscape gardening among the Architectural Digest crowd features the "outdoor room", but we don't think this is what they have in mind!
Yup, it's a kitchen sink...
But I'm not going to "sink" to the obvious joke here. Sinks, but no sinks! I sink therefore I yammer... Aw, these jokes sink. No more sinky-pinky (I'm reaching here).
Let's not forget to offer our profound gratitude to the wonderful Clean and Green folks, you guys were great!
And here they are!
Here's a more complete picture of the fabulous Clean and Green society. Couldn't have done it without you guys!
Good Neighbors!
Community members gather around to smile at the camera, and celebrate a job well done!
Trash galore...
The subject of this photo needs no introduction. But it makes a fine exit!
Community members at the Avenue 43 exit.
This area really accumulates trash. It looks great now, though!

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