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Restoring Montecito Heights

The two year house

The Two Year Home -  How a determined couple finally won their unusual dream home (or - Long Dayís Journey Into A Two-Bedroom California Bungalow Fixer-Upper With Guest Home in Historic Montecito Heights) 

The blue house

The Blue House - Happy river rock work and Arts & Crafts wood details shine again after 50 years under paint. And is it beautiful! 

Urban Adventuress

All Aboard! A Visit to the Quarters of an Urban Adventuress -  Though she would never consider herself an Urban Explorer, Gabriella certainly shares the spirit of adventure expressed by these renegade trekkers. In a way, Gabriella is much more courageous. Her trip to secret parts of the city didnít just involve sneaking inside and snapping some pictures Ė she moved in!


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